Galactic Time

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July 25, 3310

Friends and Allies

Canis Lupus Majoris has many allies and friends spread among the stars. We feel strong alliances are a large part of what makes a Squadron strong during hard times. If we don’t feel we can depend on them in hard times and they can’t depend on us then we do not feel the alliance is worth sustaining. We will always stand strong next to our allies no matter their plight.

Colonial Legionnaires

We are proud to fight alongside our brothers and sisters in Colonia.


Hyperion Galactic Adventures

We explore the galaxy with our friends from Hyperion. They are a small Exploration group. What they lack in size they make up for in heart and spirit. You can find their website Here.

Delta Squadron

We are extremely excited to announce our new alliance with Delta Squadron. We have used our loves for Vestani to form a new alliance that we hope will be one of our strongest. You may find their website Here.

Old Gaia Citzen’s Legacy

We don’t know much about them.

If a name is not on this page we are NOT allies with them and they do not represent us in any way shape or form (I’m looking at you Loren’s Reapers)