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June 19, 3310

More History



Dec 13- Canis Lupus Majoris founded by CMDR XenonofArcticus



Feb 10- Holda Confederation begins to retreat from Vestani

Feb 12- Kupala General Commodities begins to retreat from Vestant leaving 2 stations available for claim

Feb 18- Kupala General Commodities unexpectedly pulls out of retreat keeping hold of the two stations for now

Late February early March- War breaks out with Delta. A peace treaty is signed to allow Delta to keep Vestani. The CLM- Delta alliance is formed and CLM searches for a new home soon finding Apisni.

March 19- Canis Lupus Majoris player Minor Faction shows up in the Apisni System, First CLM NPC spotted by CMDR AlatarRhys.

March 25- CLM minor faction wins a war with Guarpulici Energy Industries earning the station Chasles Lab. This day is proclaimed Milterra Independence Day!

April 2- CLM minor faction wins an election with Movement for Apisni Labor earning them Control of Hansteen Hub and the Apisni System. This day is henceforth known as Apisni Independence Day!

May 23- CLM expands to the Guarpulici system from Apisni.