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June 19, 3310


Apisni is the home system of Canis Lupus Majoris

The Apisni system has 2 Suns, 9 Planets, 3 Moons, and 11 Stations. Of these 11 Stations, there are 3 Coriolis, 4 Outposts, and 4 Planetary bases. There are 3 of the planets out around the secondary star that can be landed on and these are where the surface bases are. The Controlling Station in Apisni is Hansteen Hub.

A majority of the system other than 1 Star 2 Planets and 2 Stations are located anywhere from 4000 to 5000ls away from the drop-in point.

System Map-

Apisni A- K type star (Codename- Apisni)

Apisni A1- High Metal Content World Non-landable (Codename- Point Hope) Stations- Tanaka Orbital (Coriolis)

Apisni AB1- Class 2 Gas Giant Non-landable (Codename- Loki) Stations- Ilyushin Dock (Coriolis)

Apisni B- M type star (Codename- Vesta)

Apisni B1- Water World Non-landable (Codename- Rose) Stations- Hansteen Hub (Coriolis Main Station)

Apisni B2- High Metal Content World Non-landable (Codename-) Stations-

Apisni B2A- Rocky Body Landable (Codename- Milterra) Stations-

Apisni B3- High Metal Content World (Codename-)

The Apisni EDSM is found HERE

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