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July 25, 3310

Useful Tools

Here are some of the tool that many CMDR’s use to help them in their pursuits. (Hint Hint the name of the site is a link)

Elite Dangerous Website Well this one is a bit self-explanatory but this is Elite’s official website.

INARA This tool is good for anything and everything. You can use it to look at what ships you want, Stuff for engineering, Where to sell those sweet Void Opals, and more! CLM has an INARA Squadron as well that can be found by going to the squadron tab and searching for us.

Coriolis Coriolis is a great tool to help you tinker on ship builds and work out all the kinks before you go fight Thargoids or go on a long-range exploration trip.

EDSM EDSM is used to search for systems, find planetary bodies and also can be used to check the political standing of a system.

EDDB EDDB is another tool like INARA. It is used to find most everything you need from systems to stations and more.

The Fuel Rats VERY important. If you ever find yourself out of fuel the rats will come to your aid. They have saved people across the galaxy and will help anyone in a pinch. The best part! Their service is completely free! To quote their motto “We have fuel. You don’t. Any questions?” A number of CLM’s CMDR’s are rats.

Frontier Store In case you want to spend a few real-world dollars to buy a bobblehead or a paint job for your ship so you can travel in style. Note that the powerplay decals found HERE, Two pairs of sunglasses found HERE and HERE and the Military Flight Suit Pack found HERE can all be obtained for free (Frontier being nice to us) and are really cool.

EDMC Also known as Elite Dangerous Market Connector it can be used to link your account to INARA, EDDB, EDSM and an assortment of others that are not used as much.

With these tools in your armory, you are ready to go. You may use more if you wish but these tools are the most important. (also if you have Discord message either CMDR AlatarRhys or CMDR XenonofArcticus in-game and they will give you the link to join Canis Lupus Majoris’ Discord)